Our Story

Dr. David Naysmith witnessed a child go into anaphylactic shock (a life-threatening allergic reaction) after eating a peanut butter cookie.

This was during a family outing with physician friends on a remote island on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, hours away from any medical help.

Without the right medication, all these well-trained people could do nothing to help this child. Fortunately, the child survived.

But that scare inspired Dr. Naysmith to create the At-Risk Rescue Kit, a transportable pouch with personalized instructions and critical medication that allows anyone with no medical experience to assist the person at risk and potentially save their life.

During the development of the At Risk Rescue Kit, Dr. Naysmith realized that schools are a high-risk environment and created the At-Risk Rescue Station, a durable and transportable mat that displays up to 24 At-Risk Rescue Kit at the same time.

It is meant to be placed in highly visible areas where staff and the teachers would get familiar with the students at risk in the institution.

When every second counts we can’t leave things to chance.

The At Risk Rescue products allow us to react efficiently and effectively when the life of a child is at risk.

Thousands of At Risk Rescue Kits and Stations have been sold across North America, but we are still far from this being standard practice in schools. And that is our goal.