An allergic reaction can occur anywhere

At Risk Rescue Kit allows anyone to effectively assist your children in a life threatening situation.

When every second counts, don’t leave things to chance.

For any condition

Must be personalized for the person at-risk. It accommodates virtually any medical condition.

For any situation

Light, small and durable. It can be easily integrated in the different activities of the person at- risk.

For anyone to help

Hold instructions and medications so any non-trained person can provide help in a safe and timely fashion.

How does it work?

At Risk Rescue Kit

Light and durable pouch designed to hold instructions and medications so that any non-trained person can help the person at-risk.

$34.99 CDN

“It´s a huge help for educators in keeping students safe at school and other events beyond the classroom.”

School Principal

“When seconds count in a medical emergency, having the right medication at hand can be the difference between life and death.”

Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic

“At long last there is a new medical rescue system for individuals at-risk for medical emergencies”

School Principal

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Children with severe allergies deserve a happy normal life.

Their parents having peace of mind.