Professionals Speak Out…

Professionals, who have examined the @Risk Rescue Medical Crisis Response System, have agreed to offer the following endorsements.

“At long last there is a new medical rescue system for individuals at-risk for medical emergencies. As a school Principal, I am extremely pleased with the features that the @Risk Rescue System offers. Safety has always been the number one priority for educational staffs, and now students and their parents can rest assured that medications, vital information, and procedures are efficiently stored and readily available. As important, individuals are recognized for their medical needs in a very visual and efficient way. I highly recommend the @Risk Rescue System for all schools and large organizations.”

Ane Marie Bennett
School Principal
Victoria, B.C.


“I believe that the @Risk Rescue System will be a huge help to educators in assisting us to keep students safe, both in school and, with its portability, on field trips or at other events beyond the classroom.”

Keith McCallion
School Principal
Victoria, B.C.


“When seconds count in a medical emergency the @Risk Rescue System will make a profound difference. After a medical event family and co-workers often ask me ” What could I have done to make a positive difference?” I can now recommend the @Risk Rescue System.

This product provides direction and medication to initiate unmistakably better outcomes to any patient in need from a known medical condition. With this system in place it will make my job as a paramedic much easier. It will undoubtedly save lives and lessen the severity of these medical emergency problems.”

David J. Tubman, MICP
Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic
Seattle, WA

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