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The key component of the @Risk Rescue System is the Rescue Kit. Each Rescue Kit displays a photo of the individual who is at-risk, details about their medical condition, their medications and instructions for administering them, consent forms, and other vital information. Each Kit is a free-standing emergency response package that can be kept at home, with the individual (in a briefcase, two ring binder, back pack), or can be attached to the @Risk Rescue Station.

The @Risk Rescue Station is wall mounted in a highly visible location and holds up to 20 @Risk Rescue Kits, allowing staff to familiarize themselves with the individuals at risk. It can easily be rolled up and transported as part of an emergency evacuation, should an earthquake, fire, flood, or other catastrophic event occur. It can also be rolled up and taken on school excursions. A practicing physician designed the @Risk Rescue System to become the standard of care for people known to be at-risk. Each component has been priced to be affordable to all.



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